Aren’t you that chef?


But so what?  I’ve owned several businesses and learned what it takes to be successful and today, a savvy business has to be in social media.  There’s no getting around it.  Twitter alone has over 500 million users, Linked In about 225 million, and Facebook over a billion.  That’s a whole lot of eyeballs.  For those of you that don’t see the value in Twitter, did you know that the Pope and our President both have Twitter feeds?  So if you’ve got interesting online content-and you better-then these social media platforms can bring the viewers to your pages, where they’ll become readers and then your customers.  Jack Russell can fetch the readers.  So don’t let another day go by wondering whether your business should be in social media.  It should!


Why Jack Russell?



Shrek, Tudor, Bonnie (our dog) and Holly

I think Jack Russells are the greatest dogs ever.  They’re compact, clever, muscular, loyal, energetic, lean, fast and they’re full of attitude.  Our own Jack Russell gave us 15 years of companionship and we shared some great memories.   She didn’t care that she only weighed 35 pounds.  In those 15 years that she was part of our family she protected us from much larger enemies, both real and imagined.  She once got away from us and rounded up a half dozen horses, much to our embarrassment.  She could have given lessons to a few English Sheep Dogs, her level of determination was that strong.  So I think those attributes will serve me well in this new company.