Olly Pierce is one of my clients. Olly is a gym owner, body builder, and a former Mr. South Carolina. He’s fairly well known in the Greenville fitness circle because he’s been at it so long. Olly is also a really good guy and he knows his business like the back of his muscular hands. He loves helping other people make their goals come true, especially if those goals are fitness related.

Several months ago we partnered up and I’ve been doing a variety of work for him including making some videos. Some of these are fun, most are instructional. As his son Aidan prepares for his first body building competition, Olly asked me to create a video on Aidan.  Aidan played football with my son and he’s helped me in the gym; he’s a good kid with a good heart and he obviously enjoys being in the gym.

So here’s the result of our efforts. I think it’s a bit choppy but the clients love it and Aidan is in darn good shape for a 17 year-old kid. Darn good.

Take a look for yourself. And remember, if you’re looking for Social Media services in Greenville, SC, give me a call. (864) 616-7171

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