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We’ve all seen these “too good to be true” offers when we’re floating through Facebook, right?  And if that’s all there was to these offers, you may not pay any attention to them.  I mean, all these offers sound enticing but if you’re an advertiser, these far-fetched promises aren’t enough.  You’re gonna need a sexy photo to draw eyeballs to your advert.  And that’s where Danielle comes in.


Now you can’t help but be attracted to this photo.  Your eyes are drawn away from what you’re supposed to be doing to what Danielle is doing.  And suddenly you’re thinking, “well, I really should brush up on my Spanish, I wonder how much those CD’s are?  Maybe I’ll take a look.”

Internet advertisers refer to this as click bait and it makes sense, right?  Danielle is the bait that’s going to get you to click through to the web content.  Facebook charges their advertisers on impressions (just a look) and click-throughs so keep that in mind when you start looking at your Facebook feed.  Treat it as a minefield and you’ll be fine.  Or click away, and be prepared to wander off into the tall green grass, looking for Danielle.