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Because I maintain my clients anonymity, I can’t be too specific.

“Would your son like to be on TV?”

We created this video at the request of Olly Pierce at Brit’s Brother’s Gym. Olly’s a great guy and his son (Aidan) and my son (Tudor) played football together for Christ Church. Naturally Aidan has spent a lot of time in Dad’s gym, and he recently entered the Palmetto Classic’s Junior Division. The Palmetto Classic is our State Championship for Body Building and of course Olly was our Mr. South Carolina several times. Hey, Jack doesn’t hang out with just anyone.

Well our movie was a big hit even though I thought it was choppy but that’s what Olly wanted. And the judges wanted what Aidan had. Two weeks after we showed this movie on his Facebook and Youtube channels, Aidan Pierce was crowned the Junior Division Champion. We know some folks and competitors from the Palmetto Classic watched this prior to the competition. So perhaps this movie played a part in the victory? Because as a famous racing driver once said, the race should be won before the start.

And now that Aidan is a state champion, he’s had requests to be on some of the local lifestyle TV shows. Well done, sir.


Aidan Pierce, Palmetto Classic Jr. Division Champion

Keep doing what you’re doing.

I blog for several of my clients and one is a doctor. His office sees a lot of patients everyday and his staff never has a moment to manage their social media, much less a blog. That’s where we come in. Jack writes a twice-monthly blog, loads it up with the right key words (key words vary by business and goals) and pushes it out on the office’s Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages. We spend money on their Facebook page, we put eyeballs on the blog posts and thereby give muscle to those keywords. And when people in the Upstate search for this office’s medical specifics, my client’s website shows up quite well. In fact, the company that built and maintains my client’s website sends us a quarterly update and they tell us to “keep doing what you’re doing.” My client shows up as #1 or #2 in Google’s organic search results. And that’s the value of a great writer in manipulating your own search engine optimization.

G & G

From time to time, we help these folks with things such as social media, special events, and appearances.

Brent would like to take you to lunch.

Twitter is really amazing.  It has literally changed the way the world communicates.  But if you’re not careful with your message, you might as well be yelling into the Grand Canyon.  If your product or service is not universal (such as an independent restaurant) you’ll need to have a cultivated following.  If you’ve got something for sale that’s available through the internet (such as bath salts) then your following can be pretty broad.  Recently one of my clients that was new to Twitter called me and invited me to lunch.  “We have a new client that came to us through Twitter and Brent was to take you to lunch.”  Brent’s average price on a business transaction was in excess of $100,000.  Yes, he was happy.


Welcome Baby Stella

A local weather gal had just delivered a beautiful baby girl and by good luck, she had named her the same first name as one of my client’s business.  I immediately called the client restaurant and asked them to put something on the menu in honor of this new born baby.  A special in honor of the new baby girl of a local celebrity.  The restaurant did that, took a picture then we quickly got it out on their Twitter and Facebook page and we tagged the local news channel.  Less than five minutes later, the TV station called my client.  “May we send a camera crew down in thirty minutes and get some video of this dish?”


Stella’s Southern Bistro in Simpsonville. Jack handles their Facebook, Twitter and the occasional special event request.

Can an Edible Stamp Save the US Post Office?

I blog for the Huffington Post and I occasionally score a winner.  This was an April Fool’s essay that featured Chef Homaro Cantu of Chicago’s famed Moto restaurant.  He made the cover of Gourmet Magazine a few years back and he was actually eating a paper menu.  I know, that’s nuts.  So I took his theme and crafted this April Fool’s story that was picked up by the USPS letter carriers forum.  Several of them actually fretted over the possibility of vermin chewing through the boxes of stamps.  Um…it was a joke!


9 Reasons not to Move or Visit Greenville, SC in 2015

200,000+ readers.  That’s some serious numbers.  And it was all done tongue-in-cheek.  See for yourself.


I’ll Have St. Pete…

With a Squeeze of Lime.  In March of 2014, a client invited me to St. Pete, FL  to take a look at Mazzaro’s, an Italian market.   The client wanted to know if this style of operation would work in his commercial development.  My wife and I were so impressed with St. Petersburg, FL that I wrote a love letter to the town and placed it in the Huffington Post.  Within 24 hours, the story had gone viral and for a few hours (according to Mashable’s virality meter) it scored higher than the video of Pharrell Williams shedding a tear on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Busters Filtered

Jack manages the twitter account of the SC Alzheimer’s Association’s Ride to Remember. He also rides the ride.


When we owned our restaurant, 33 Liberty, I really looked forward to April Fool’s Day.  My goal was to write a ridiculous press release then try to get it published in the local media.  Our place was off the beaten path yet that played into my creative streak because I was always looking for ways to get noticed.  This one may be my favorite because the Greenville News published it under a Bold Headline in the Sunday business section.  Hopefully no one was reprimanded for publishing it.  Here you go:

RE: 33 Liberty Restaurant & Catering

33 Liberty Restaurant & Catering announces the purchase and implementation of the most sophisticated software designed specifically for the fine dining restaurant industry.  Utilizing the latest software advancements from the Four-One Software Company of California, Predict A Table is able to successfully predict a customer’s order based upon a number of variables.  “We are very excited to be able to fully utilize this cutting edge technology,” says John Malik, Chef/Owner of 33 Liberty, the fine dining restaurant of Greenville, SC. Predict-A-Table takes input through a dedicated Internet connection and interfaces with current Microsoft and Quicken programs.  Predict-A-Table takes into account the customer’s previous dining preferences, the frequency that the customer dines at the restaurant, the variables of the menu the last time that particular customer dined, the current menu, the current weather conditions as well as the weather on previous visits to the restaurant, the day’s activity of the Dow Jones Industrial average and the closing numbers of the 3 major stock indexes.  Predict-A-Table has a 97.75% rate of accuracy and it is very impressive to the customer when the wait staff can suggest a complete dinner to the guest that will have the guest saying “How did you know that is what I was going to order?”  John Malik says that by the end of April his Predict-A-Table system will be fully operational and once a customer dines at 33 Liberty twice within 60 days, a customer preference profile will be created.  It is this profile that Predict-A-Table uses to identify ordering habits and dining preferences.

33 Liberty, the fine dining destination restaurant in Greenville, SC is owned and operated by John & Amy Malik.

33 Liberty serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday evenings beginning at 6:00 PM.  33 Liberty is on the web at

“A writer trapped in a cook’s body.”  This started out as primarily a food blog yet within a few months I had departed from food and instead wrote about whatever struck an emotional chord.   Dogs, peaches, family life, my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease; anything that I found worthy.  One particular essay, on the wonderful families that were killed in the Alaskan plane crash, received almost 10,000 page views in 72 hours.  Another essay, on a mountain bike race I competed in many years back, was tweeted out over 100 times.  That essay reminds one that first place isn’t nearly as important as the effort we devote to the race.  And when I posted these essays I only wanted people to read my words, I had nothing for sale.


Oh George, Where art Thou Dining?

In 2006 George Clooney came to Greenville to make the movie Leatherheads.  Well damn if he didn’t eat at every restaurant in town except ours.  So instead of crying about it, Richard Ondrovic (my I/T sidekick) and I made our  own movie.  We put it up on the front page of the restaurant’s website and in a couple of hours the amount of traffic crashed our site.  It was a great example of guerilla marketing and it was gutsy stuff like this that kept 33 Liberty relevant.  Take a look at “Oh George, Where art thou Dining?



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