What will this cost?

What’s it going to cost if you’re not on social media? Lost sales and missed opportunities.

Your customers, your clients, your friends, and your fans are all on social media. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling $60,000 Mercedes-Benz sedans or $6.00 hamburgers. Your potential customers are out there, and they’re waiting to engage with their favorite brands. We’ll find them, engage them, make them laugh or smile, and convert them to shoppers, buyers, and decision makers.  And we’ll do it by impersonating you.  We work anonymously because we want our clients to engage with the personality behind the business.  So we’ll get to know you, then manage your platforms in your voice.  As one of our clients put it, “You guys are a better me than me.”

Jack Russell manages the following platforms:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Houzz, Four Square, Word Press, and YouTube

Facebook Management: 275.00 per month
Facebook plus one additional platform: 400 per month
Facebook plus two additional platforms: 500 per month
Front Page SEO: Includes Facebook, two additional platforms, plus two monthly blog posts: 850 +50 for Facebook boosts per month

Are we creating multiple platforms from scratch? 250.00 per platform (LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc)

Instagram profile creation and best use instruction for up to 4 team members: 250.00

Twitter profile creation and best use instruction for up to 4 team members: 250.00

Do you need Jack to produce your videos? We price these separately.

Are you looking for Email Marketing? Jack Russell can create a profile on Mail Chimp or Constant Contact and provide your team with best use instruction on these popular tools. If you would like Jack Russell to manage your email campaign, this will entail customization and each campaign is different. Email campaigns will be priced accordingly.

Social Media Audit

We’ll go over your present social media, your blog posts and your key words and offer up the good, the bad, and the ugly. What’s working and what you need to work on. 500.00

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If you want to be found on Google, there’s no single best way to do it.  Do you offer a product in a competitive field?  Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you want to come up first when someone searches “real estate, greenville sc.”  That’s going to be highly competitive, it’s going to cost some money through Google Ad Words, and will require a concerted effort from Jack Russell and the client.  If however, you offer an elephant washing service, you’re in a very specialized field.  When the circus comes to town and searches “elephant washing, greenville sc” you’re a shoe-in!  We can design a strategy to boost your standings in Google’s SEO by using a combination of methods, persistence, Google Ad Words and proper blogging. Every challenge is different and Jack Russell can take the right steps to get you noticed.  If this is what you’re looking for, Jack will create a custom strategy for your company.

Web Site Development/Editing

Jack charges 2,000.00 minimum to create a new, shiny, fully responsive, and exceedingly well-written Word Press site. Sites can be created and up and running in 60 days.

You’ll need a domain first. That’s no different than the address on your front door. Domains look like this: jeannestraveladventures.com and they’re relatively inexpensive, unless you want something like “greatfriedchicken.com”. Plan on spending about 40.00 annual for your domain.

You’ll need a host. A hosting plan is no different than the dirt your house sits on.  Jack charges 400.00 annually to host your site through Go Daddy and that includes standard monthly updates, Site Lock malware protection and anti-spam protection.

You’ll need a Word Press account. This is no different than the frame work of your house. Word press accounts are free but they have to built into websites. Photos, copy, links, menus, navigation bars, backgrouonds, themes, backlinks, share buttons, social media profiles. etc all need to be added in.

Need some work done on an existing site? Jack charges $125.00 an hour to work on an existing website.

Social Media Search

Are you hiring for an important position and need to know if you’ve found the right person?  Jack Russell can perform a (completely legal) search of the party’s social media and make sure that your potential Vice President isn’t also the Official Tequila Taster at The Wild Things Club. That’s 500.00

If you need this search done today, as in right now, that’s 750.00

While you think about our services please enjoy this photo of a Jack Russell Terrier, because how could you say no to this face?


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